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ITRebel Pty Ltd

Al-Muhajir Travel Companion

Al-Muhajir Travel companion, developed by ITRebel, a South African owned business, was inspired by the increasing amount of Muslim travellers. This sparked the need to ensure that the Muslim Community have the necessary travelling information available to them at their fingertips, as well as lightweight and easy to carry.

Hence, the Al-Muhajir Travel Companion was born. A 7” capacitive touchscreen device that has vital travelling information relating to Muslims, Prayer times, Musjid Locations, Quran, Internet Browsing, are just a few of the features of the Al-Muhajir.
Over 55 E-Books are available, including Daily Surahs, 13 Line Quran by Para and Quran by Surah, Haj and Umrah Guide, Hayatus Sahabah (3 Volumes); Tafsir ibn Kathir, Essential Duas, Essentials of Ramadan, 40 Durood and Salaam, Fazaail-e-Amaal, Stories of the Quran, and Stories of the Prophets are just a few to mention.

Device Features and Accessories

  • Al-Muhajir 7” Capacitive Touchscreen
  •  Audio Qur’aan with text
  •  WiFi Enabled
  •  Internet Browser
  •  Over 55 Ebooks Pre-Loaded
  •  Download additional books from                                                     
  • to add to your collection
  •  House Charger
  •  Al-Muhajir Leather Folio Cover Pouch
  •  7 hr battery life with continuous usage