Islamic Pathway To Technology

ITRebel Pty Ltd

Branded Folio Pouch

The Al-Muhajir Travel Companion comes with a Free Branded Leather Folio Pouch. Perfect for protecting your device from any physical damage

Branded Packaging

Branded Packaging gives the Al-Muhajir a sense of identity. Imncluded in the packaging is a House Charger, 3G USB adaptor, and a screen guard

Elegant Style Device

Sleek and elegant look once turned on, who wouldnt want to make the Al-Muhajir their life long Companion...                                 

Neat Bookshelf

Nice and neat, orderly bookshelf design to keep all your favourite books safe. The Al-Muhajir is sold with over 55 books pre-installed. Addidtional books can be added and downloads from our bookstore are free.

Welcome to ITrebel Pty Ltd

ITRebel Pty Ltd, A South African owned registered Company, was formed in 2012 by two young, vibrant entrepreneurs, looking for ways to improve the lifestyle of the South African Muslim through technology.

The increasing amount of South African Muslim travellers inspired the birth of the Al-Muhajir Travel Companion, ITRebel's flagship Product, which was accepted in the market with lots of appreciation and gratitude.

At ITRebel, we strive on new, innovative ideas that will enrich, empower, and motivate our Muslim Community through Technology.